Combining Forces: How integrating an online B2B marketplace with your in-store parts department can drive success and profitability.

In the digital era, businesses that sell manufactured parts must adapt to changing market dynamics to stay competitive and maximize their growth potential. While having an in-store parts department has advantages, transitioning to a B2B marketplace while maintaining an offline presence can significantly benefit businesses. Here’s why it’s essential to embrace both approaches: Reach a […]

Enhancing Efficiency and Capitalization: The Importance of B2B Marketplaces for Automotive Dealerships.

In the evolving landscape of the economy, businesses that sell manufactured parts face unique challenges, particularly when it comes to managing obsolete and slow-moving inventory. This post will explore the implications of obsolete inventory, highlight the need for B2B marketplaces, and showcase how DoubleVision’s product, PartsMatch, our cutting-edge solution, revolutionizes how companies in any industry […]